The NNSC consists of members from Sygeplejestuderendes Landssammenslutning (SLS), Norsk SykepleierForbund Student (NSF Student), Finlands sjuksköterskeförbund (Fsf), Felagið Føroyaskir Sjúkrarøktarfrøðingar (FFS), Félag íslenskra hjúkrunarfræðinga (FIH) og Vårdforbundet Student.


  • The primary language in the NNSC is english. All formal correspondence will be conducted in english.
  • Facebook is the official contactplatform of the NNSC. Each country is responsible for inviting new members to the group.
  • The NNSC meeting agrees upon where the NNSC spring meeting will be arranged, the fall meeting is held in connection with the NNF annual conference. Every member will prepare a country report within four weeks before the meeting.
  • The hosting country is responsible for:
    • Keeping track of what the NNSC has been working on
    • Hosting meetings
    • Keeping track of the members of NNSC
    • Making the agenda for the meetings
    • Contacting the NNF administrative office
    • Making sure the members are informed of happenings within the NNF and membering countrys situations.
    • Accommodations for the members and travelinfo.
    • Minutes
    • The documents made in each meeting.
    • Distributing the governing documents to each membership organization