NNF Conferences


NNF’s 100 years anniversary conference at Hotel Koldingfjord on 8-9. September 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19. The anniversary conference has been postponed until 2022.


SSN/NNF conference 2019 – Strengthening nursing and midwifery leadership in Nordic countries: The role of Chief Nursing Officers and Government Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officers  


NNF Conference 2018 – Equal pay and working condition

The Nordic countries are known  as some of the most equal between the sexes. Still, there is a 20 percent salarygap between female-dominated and male-dominated subjects. 
The six Nordic nursing organizations have therefore agreed on a common approach to the governments of the Nordic countries that there is a need for political action against inequalities. You can read the common request here: 
Nurses in the Nordic countries call for political action to stop unequal salaries