ICN Congress 2019

International Council of Nurses Congress 2019
27 June / 1 July, Singapore

For more information: https://www.icn.ch/events/icn-congress-2019-Singapore




 International Council of Nurses Congress 2017
27 May / 1 June Barcelona, Spain


The Nordic Nurses Federation is participating in the ICN Congress 2017 in Barcelona 27 May – 1 June 2017. The ICN Congress is organised every second year by the International Council of Nurses (ICN),  which is a federation of more than 130 national nurses associations, representing more than 16 million nurses worldwide.

Please find more information on the ICN Congress on the event’s website.

The Nordic Nurses Federation is participating at the Congress with a stand where the participants can come and visit us.  At the stand, the six Nordic countries will be represented with a showcase from each country with focus on patient-centered care.

Visit our stand at the ICN Congress 2017 and read more on the NNF member organisations.



‘Patient-centered Care’



Mental Health Nursing

 Enhance quality of life
Nurses reach out to people with severe mental illness.

Að auka lífsgæði
Hjúkrunarfræðingar sinna einstaklingum með alvarlegar geðraskanir úti í samfélaginu.

Nurse led assertive community treatment (ACT) multidisciplinary team provides outreach mental health services to people with severe mental illness living in their home. The nurses in the ACT team base their work on the recovery model which provides a holistic view of the person with mental illness. The main goal for services is to build a caring-person-centered relationship that has a positive effect upon quality of life for the service user.

For more information on the Icelandic Nurses’ Association please follow this link: www.hjukrun.is







For Your Health 24/7
Terveydeksesi 24/7
För Din Hälsa 24/7 

The Finnish Nurses Association (FNA) works for good client oriented nursing with the aid of eHealth services. The FNA focuses on communications linked to eHealth services, so that nurses are rendered the best possible message promoting electronic services.

The aim of the FNA is to support professionals who are involved in developing and introducing eHealth services, because they are in a key position in directing health communications to citizens. For more  information on eHealth: eHealth strategy of the Finnish Nurses Association 2015–2020

For more information on the Finnish Nurses Association please follow this link: www.sairaanhoitajat.fi or www.nurses.fi




_17A3988xHome Nursing

Nurses have a key role in person-centered care.

Sjuksköterskor har en nyckelroll i personcentrerad vård

Home nursing is increasingly becoming an important issue as the advanced health care moves from the hospitals to the home of the patient. In this new context Vårdförbundet wants to see a person-centered care with the overreaching goal of health equity for all. Home nursing requires competence from specialist nurses who has qualification and capacity to solve both today’s health care needs and prepare for challenges tomorrow.

For more information on the Swedish Association of Health Professionals please follow this link: www.vardforbundet.se






«Good health at home» – a nurse driven tele-health project for long term monitoring of COPD-patients

«God helse hjemme» – et sykepleierdrevet telehelseprosjekt som tilbyr avstandsoppfølging av KOLS-pasienter

The project «Good Health at home» is a nurse driven tele-health project for long term monitoring of COPD-patients. The project’s main goals are to promote health, and to offer safety and independence for patients. In addition, this will give health personnel the opportunity to prioritize other patient groups. Activity monitors are used as pedagogical tools to increase the patient’s awareness of how to improve their health status.

For more information on the Norwegian Nurses Organisation please follow this link: www.nsf.no






_17A3724Chemo Backpack

‘Chemo to Go’ – Leukaemia patients receiving high intensive chemotherapy at home.

‘Kemo to-go’ – med mobil kemobehandling modtager leukæmipatienter højintensiv kemobehandling i hjemmet.

By creating a portable digital pump and designing a backsack, the nurses made it possible for the patients to receive a high intensive chemotherapy treatment at home, without any staff being deployed to the patient’s home.

Patients are able to keep up with usual pastime routines, physical training, attending school and avoid risks of acquiring infections at the hospital.

The patients are able to stay at home for up to 3 days before coming to the clinic for a new supply of chemotherapy and a check-up.

For more information on the Danish Nurses’ Organisation please follow this link: www.dsr.dk




_17A4769xPatient Education

No insulin pump without specialized nursing

Ongin insulinpumpa uttan serkøna sjúkrarøkt

On the Faroe Islands about 30% of the type 1 diabetes patients are treated with an insulin pump.

The treatment starts with a 2 day’s course of doctors, nurses and relatives that includes functionality of the pump, blood glucose monitoring and carbohydrate counting. A specialist nurse has the holistic responsibility for all contact to patients and their relationships. E.g. teaching in kindergardens and schools. The patient has the possibility for 24 hours contact with the healthcare team.

For more information on the Faroese Nurses’ Association please follow this link: www.sjukrarokt.fo